Southern Vistas Addition
Located near West 57th Street and Tea/Ellis Road - Sioux Falls, SD

Home of the new Pettegrew Elementary School and new 8 acre city park.

Southern Vistas neighborhood will feature winding roads with open greenways and scenic ponds. Southern Vistas will be Sioux Falls premier, affordable neighborhood with condominiums starting at $94,900 and homes in the $129,900 to $175,000 price range. A great location in the Sioux Falls School District near new YMCA/wellness center, shopping, schools., employment, churches, restaurants and recreation.
Westwood Valley Addition
Located North of W 41st and Tea/Ellis Road - Sioux Falls, SD

Equity Homes, Inc and Key Real Estate have donated part of Westwood Valley to the YMCA where they are building a spectacular new YMCA in partnership with Sioux Valley Hospital. Equity Homes, Inc and partners also built a 10 acre lake to offer Westwood Valley residents unparalleled amenities. Westwood Valley will include affordable lake front condominiums, single-family homes, office, institutional and commercial space! Easy access to shopping, schools, employment, churches, restaurants, and recreation. Condominium prices range from $111,900 to $150,000. Family home prices range from $135,000 to $230,000.

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